Things I learned this week, Volume 1

1. Ethics seminars are the most boring thing in the world.

2. Timing is everything, sometimes no matter what you do or try, if the timing is off, you are out of luck.

3. Jimmy Eat World is awesome in concert (this is more a reaffirmation).

4. The silly saying about people leaving footprints on your heart may be true, it still sounds stupid though.

5. You should always, always, always make sure you have the bracelet on the correct wrist!

6. The football gods do not like me. Injured on special teams I mean really, poor guy.

7. How I Met Your Mother keeps getting funnier.

8. The concept of being quiet in a library apparently went out with the turn of the century.

9. A.F.D.

10. Whenever something unpleasant happens in your life, the first response of almost all your friends will be; “Things happen for a reason.”

Stay tuned for Volume 2, if I keep learning that is.

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