Jesus; God, Man or Mutant?

This rant comes to you because my friend had a slip of the tongue while we were talking today and she while trying to explain how Jesus was both Man and God muttered something that sounded like mutant.  Well I’ve decided that not only does this sound much cooler and would likely get the younger generations back into church but it sounds damn right.  Follow me here.

Lets look at God’s for a moment.  Zeus could toss a powerful lightning bolt, a power close to that of Storm’s but he also didn’t die.  I don’t remember a bible story with Jesus striking down he’s foes with a bolt of lightning.  Vishnu could grow many arms and become death, Jesus only had two arms. God could create the universe in seven days, Jesus turned water to wine. A God is a supreme being that is eternal and at least in the Judeo-Christian faith, is singular and all powerful.  Jesus has we know, was killed.

Man is well, man, flawed, no special powers and able to be killed.  Clearly, Jesus had some powers to show us. But come on, Mutant is perfect, he could walk on water, change water into wine, and heal the sick.  Those are awesome powers and would make Jesus a very useful X-man.  I mean at least he’d keep Professor X rolling in the scotch.

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