Things I learned this week, Volume 1

1. Ethics seminars are the most boring thing in the world.

2. Timing is everything, sometimes no matter what you do or try, if the timing is off, you are out of luck.

3. Jimmy Eat World is awesome in concert (this is more a reaffirmation).

4. The silly saying about people leaving footprints on your heart may be true, it still sounds stupid though.

5. You should always, always, always make sure you have the bracelet on the correct wrist!

6. The football gods do not like me. Injured on special teams I mean really, poor guy.

7. How I Met Your Mother keeps getting funnier.

8. The concept of being quiet in a library apparently went out with the turn of the century.

9. A.F.D.

10. Whenever something unpleasant happens in your life, the first response of almost all your friends will be; “Things happen for a reason.”

Stay tuned for Volume 2, if I keep learning that is.

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Jesus; God, Man or Mutant?

This rant comes to you because my friend had a slip of the tongue while we were talking today and she while trying to explain how Jesus was both Man and God muttered something that sounded like mutant.  Well I’ve decided that not only does this sound much cooler and would likely get the younger generations back into church but it sounds damn right.  Follow me here.

Lets look at God’s for a moment.  Zeus could toss a powerful lightning bolt, a power close to that of Storm’s but he also didn’t die.  I don’t remember a bible story with Jesus striking down he’s foes with a bolt of lightning.  Vishnu could grow many arms and become death, Jesus only had two arms. God could create the universe in seven days, Jesus turned water to wine. A God is a supreme being that is eternal and at least in the Judeo-Christian faith, is singular and all powerful.  Jesus has we know, was killed.

Man is well, man, flawed, no special powers and able to be killed.  Clearly, Jesus had some powers to show us. But come on, Mutant is perfect, he could walk on water, change water into wine, and heal the sick.  Those are awesome powers and would make Jesus a very useful X-man.  I mean at least he’d keep Professor X rolling in the scotch.

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How much is enough?

Well here is my first rant.  How much is enough before we finally wake up and realize our government in this state is screwing us left and right.  I understand there is a deficient, I understand times are tough and we need to make tough choices.  I’ll be the first to say I didn’t like any of the candidates in our last election cycle but isn’t that our own fault?  We has a people have refused to get over the high school mentality that political elections are nothing more than popularity contests.  Instead of electing the jocks we look for the people with the most money.  Sure, that millionaire is going to really understand what you are going through when you are trying to find a job or repay loans, if you believe that I’m guessing you are waiting on Santa Clause.  We elect people based on rhetoric instead of asking for solid well thoughtout solutions.

Now for the real meat of the rant.  Isn’t it time that we realize how bad a job our Governor is doing? He attacks education and demonizes those who try to better our children.  Lets see him get into a classroom with our current resources and do a better job.  He refuses to reinstitute a millionaires tax that would have provided our failing economy with some much needed money.  He single handedly costs our state over $400 million in federal education funding because of his arrogant ego that only he could write a decent educational proposal.  He cuts funding for those who need it most forcing state and county programs that support the homeless and single parents, and worst of all actual help single mothers get an education and jobs so that they can be more productive and self sufficient members of the community to close.  He has the nerve to stand before us and say that he is making the tough choices, he’s not making the tough choices, he’s cutting programs that help those without a voice.  It’s easy to look successful when those hurt most are unable to stand up and say “hey, what about us.”

I don’t believe Corzine would have done better, as I said, we don’t elect those that understand us and feel for us, we elect the rich popular kids.  Isn’t it time we stop this, Republican, Democrat, they are all the same, a survival of the richest mentality that is destroying this state.  It wasn’t the democrats that brought us to this precipice of doom, it wasn’t the republicans who brought us here, both sides are equally guilty.  But the worst offenders are us, because we don’t demand better, because we don’t try to find the people who can really help us.  When was the last time you looked past the political buzz words and rhetoric during election time to seek out the substance of a candidate, for that matter when is the last time you bothered to vote.  We are responsible for the least of us and if you think cutting these programs doesn’t affect you, don’t be naive.  The homeless cost us money.  You think they don’t go to the ER? They do and the ER cannot turn them away, you pay for them through your taxes and through you ever rising insurance premiums.  You pay for them because our money pays for social services and welfare and section 8.  And yet we cut programs aimed at making them self sufficient. I understand the mentality that these type of programs breed laziness and a cycle of dependency. Yes, there are those that would take advantage of these services but they should not be a reason to punish those in true need who want to use these programs for the intended purpose.

Am I saying I have all the answers, god no.  But I am wise enough to know that I need to seek help from those who understand a subject.  I don’t publish a paper without having someone who can use English grammar correctly review it.  I don’t do my taxes without checking if they are right.  We shouldn’t let or Governor make decisions that he is unqualified to make.  And don’t for a second believe that his “cabinet” is helpful, that they understand their field.  Perhaps they do but are they the best in that field, or are they simply political lackys? We should demand the best voices and minds of our generation be the ones helping make decisions, helping to fix things.  We should demand that silly political games stop hindering actual governing.  We should demand better of those we elect and we should elect better people.  Until we stop with a me, me, me mentality, until we stop with a my side vs. your side mentality, until we work together as one people, as New Jerseyians, nothing will improve, and things will only get worse.

Well there is my rant for the day, think about it and see if you can’t figure out ways to make a difference.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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